How to uninstall Toolbox App?

To uninstall Toolbox App on Linux:

  • Uninstall all applications installed in Toolbox App
  • Uncheck 'Run at login' in Toolbox App settings or remove ~/.config/autostart/jetbrains-toolbox.desktop
  • Exit Toolbox App
  • Remove directory ~/.local/share/JetBrains/Toolbox with all its contents
  • Remove file ~/.local/share/applications/jetbrains-toolbox.desktop

On Windows and macOS follow the standard software uninstall procedure.

Note: If you would like to Check for Updates... button in IDE work again perform the following steps:

  • Inside the IDE go to Help-> Edit Custom VM Options.. and delete the following key:

  • After that restart the IDE and try Check for Updates button again.
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Apparently this is an old issue and when following a link to the bug fix, it says closed. However, when I try to uninstall the Toolbox from Windows 10, I still get the error that Uninstall.exe can't be found.

Looking for C:\Users\<my_username>\AppData\Local\JetBrains\Toolbox\bin\Uninstall.exe I can see the file is indeed not present. Did the issue return?

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Where does the Toolbox saves its own settings? I want to completely remove Toolbox and if I reinstall then I would expect it to start afresh. If I remove the above folders will it also wipe Toolbox's settings and account login.

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So i have just realised that i am using 9 month old PHPStorm release because i have had toolbox on my pc in past and it broke PHPStorm's "check for update function" which made it so that i did not get notified of newer version (which needs to be downloaded manually) and that made me file an irrelevant bug report because the bug was fixed for months already.


Really broken toolbox uninstaller is a blocker. Such elementary thing as uninstalling must be working otherwise it is just a virus.

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This article obviously needs manual uninstallation (system cleaning) steps for Windows and Mac. Really shouldn't have to be pointed out by the customers.


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