Disk space in AppData\Local\JetBrains

Hello, I've seen that a lot of disk space is used under AppData\Local\JetBrains subfolders, probably as a cache. Is it possible to clean or shrink these folders to recover some space?

Thank you



Hello Alessandro,

Let's first try to figure out what exact files consume the most disk space. Could you please provide a detailed listing of the directory?

Another question is about total folder size - how big is it?


I'm wondering the same thing. Total size of the "apps" folder is 7.7GB for me. Screenshot attached.


I believe it's installation folder of your IDEs. Thus 7.7 GB is kinda expected size.


Huh. So if I uninstall Jetbrains Toolbox is it going to uninstall all of my Jetbrains products?


Only if you delete this folder manually.

  1. I have a similar issue, my NVME boot drive is fillling up overnight, The largest folder in the whole drive is the AppData/local/Jetbrains at 32GB, as well as Program Files\JetBrains at 5.1 GB,
  2. Surely there is some form of option to move these files to another drive, Even Microsoft cache is smaller than jetbrains AppData folder.
  3. In the folder 19GB is the apps folder under Toolbox then 6.9GB on transient, and 3.8gb on installations and 2.6gb on build tools.
  4. Does this mean that toolbox is keeping a complete set of installers in its appdata folder as well as the installed versions in other folders?



I just discovered the option to disable instant rollback and that has halved the amount of disk space used.


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