Toolbox window won't close

Like title says, sometimes the toolbox won't close when I click outside of its window (when it loses focus, I guess) and it always stays on top. Last thing I did was to click "update all", everything installed and still it wouldn't close. Restarting the toolbox fixes it.

I'm using Win 10 64bit pro.

Toolbox ver. 1.11.4269


We've fixed ALL-2982 which seems to cause the issue. Could you please try using the latest Toolbox version and tell us about the results?


I am on Windows 10 Enterprise and am having the same issue with the Toolbox v. 1.12.4481. Closing the app obviously makes the window go away, but re-launching it causes the window to return.


I can confirm that 1.12.4481 is still having this issue. When I open the toolbox I can't get it to go away without closing the app completely.


I have a similar issue in KDE Plasma, although at least the window does not stay on top. The only method that works to close the window and revert it back to being in the taskbar is to right-click it's application on the menu bar and select close, although usually it takes multiple tries before it actually closes. Also using 1.12.4481


Can confirm this is an issue in 1.12.4481 on Windows 10 Enterprise. When the Toolbox is launched, it won't hide on lost focus.  My workaround procedure is to right-click on the toolbox icon -> open, then losing focus will hide as normal.

Interesting side effect: on windows startup, Toolbox opens on Monitor 1 (not my primary display). When I right-click->Open, it shifts to Monitor 2.


The issue as even worsen in toolbox 1.23, as now the "window" won't close at all not even after a delai. Previously the "window" was closing itself after a delay of a few minutes - that's not the case anymore with toolbox 1.23 and thus the "Jetbrains Toolbox" in the taskbar stay there FOREVER. Very annoying!


I also have this issue on Windows 10 and toolbox 1.23 and some other minor ones as well. Sadly this app looks less than stable to me. Shame...


JetBrains Toolbox 1.23.11849, Windows 10.0

The taskbar button is there permanently. The only way to remove it is to kill the app which makes it pretty much useless for automatic updates. How is it possible this isn't happening in your dev environments!? It's happening to everyone who uses it in my office both at work and at home!


They don't develop with IntelliJ IDEA, I guess :-)

Otherwise, there are a few bugs that would have been fixed much earlier.


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