Multiple versions of the same IDE showing up

Just recently started to use the toolbox app. Most of the jetbrains IDEs I use were installed before using the toolbox. Somehow the toolbox keeps showing me there are additional versions of IDEs installed on my computer. And it wants me to uninstall them. Not sure If I should. The toolbox even seems to be downloading updates on IDEs that should already be up to date. Any clues on what is causing this?



Toolbox finds all JetBrains IDEs including installing locally and shows them you. All that you can do with them through the Toolbox - uninstall or launch.


I think I was just confused by all the local versions. Not sure why they would be separate versions to begin with. But I simply just installed everything again through the toolbox and uninstalled all the local ones. Just be careful not to wipe off all the existing configurations.  


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