Should I run Toolbox App as root or regular user on Ubuntu?

I typically install my JetBrains apps as a root user and put them in /opt.  I just extract the tarfile in /opt as root.  However, this does not make updating easy, since the files are owned by root.

I'm testing the Toolbox App.  Is it recommended to run this as a regular user and have the JetBrains app files owned by the regular user?  If so, I could just put "jetbrains_toolbox" in $HOME/bin and run it as a regular user.

I'm on Ubuntu 18.04.1.  I prefer Fedora, but use Ubuntu because so many others do.


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Yes, it's recommended to install all the JetBrains apps as a normal user (either via the Toolbox app or manually). The installed location could be arbitrary, as long as it suits your workflow.


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