Jetbrains Toolbox not generating Shell Scripts.

I recently installed JetBrains Toolbox in Ubuntu 20.04 following the official instructions. I installed it in /opt.

Now, I installed the PyCharm IDE from the Toolbox using default settings. Then went to settings and enabled "generate shell scripts". The location is set to usr/local/bin. Still I'm not able to run the PyCharm IDE in CLI even though the Shell Script name of the IDE is set as pycharm. It just doesn't find it, neither does any shell script get created in the bin folder.

How can I resolve it?


Because the Toolbox do not have permission to write in the /usr/local/bin directory.

May be you can chage the directory where in you home directory from system PATH.

Then move the generate shell sctipts to directory where you want.



Wqliu6571 Thank you so much. Exactly that was the problem! A big lesson for me.


Thank you. It worked for me!


In case you run into the same dumbery that I just did ... remember to restart the Toolbox app after you change the shell scripts directory. Otherwise, you'll sit there for ages staring at the folder waiting for new files to magically appear :) 


Feature request: Toolbox should show you a message telling you that it can't write to the specified install path.


weirdly, with Build #PY-221.5080.212, built on April 12, 2022, Pycharm now installs the script from Tools / Create Command Line Launcher...

The toolbox script creation doesn't make sense to use anymore it seems.  Which is good, because it often didn't work.


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