Using Toolbox App with OSX VoiceOver (Catalina)

I'm struggling to control the toolbox app using OSX VoiceOver screen reader.  (Bearing in mind I am only just starting out with VO).

So I have Toolbox running and press VO+M+M, navigate to toolbox and choose VO+Space.  The app appears, but I can't figure out any way to interact with it?

I would have thought that VoiceOver-aside, the cursor up/down keys would be usable to select an app, but that doesn't work.  I've also tried the usual VO+left/right/up/down or VO+shift+up/down but can't seem to get anything to happen.

Am I missing something? 

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I thought I'd just try to visually start PyCharm and then use it with VoiceOver to see what happens.  I turned on screen reader support and restarted, but so far it seems a bit baffling.  Creating a new scratch file, none of the languages are read out.  I started typing: "argv" and half way through a dialog pops up with no information about what it is (some sort of list that I don't remember appearing before I used a screen reader).  I had to then keep pressing ESC to get rid of it.  I then tried Cmd+Enter on the 'argv' to get the import added in, but I couldn't get it to read the list either.

I found something in the Rider docs suggesting that you only properly support Jaws/Windows for screen readers.  Does this mean I am wasting my time trying to do this?  Are there any plans to fully support VoiceOver?

Or if it is possible to use it, are there any resources I can use to help me get started?


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