Apple Silicon Toolbox app downloads Intel apps (can't find Apple Silicon versions)

Hi there,

I read, approvingly, that Apple Silicon versions of the apps were available, which is great.

However, having downloaded the JetBrains Toolbox app for Apple Silicon, and then choosing to install a number of products in my subscription, I then seem to have Intel versions downloaded. I've double checked by finding the apps and getting their info (all are Kind: Application (Intel)).

I can see the Apple Silicon versions on the respective products' websites, so this is confusing.

Any idea on what I can do? Do I need to replace the Toolbox app to get the right result?


I come back to support you.


I come back to support you.okay


I'm also experiencing this issue. Did you ever find a solution for the it? You can just download the individual IDEs from the website, but it kinda defeats the purpose of having the toolbox, which I quite like.



Same issue here. I even reinstalled the Toolbox, making sure to use the Apple Silicon Toolbox app, with no change.

It would also be nice to be able to specific an Apple Silicon only build rather than a Universal - I don't own any Intel Macs and never will so I really don't need those bits. 


I raised it as a bug, and it appears that the launcher apps from the Toolbox are Intel, but the actual apps launched are not.

Confusing to say the least, but they are performant and the about windows do read aarch64, as expected.


Is there any news about it? I still found this issue.


Hi Marco Santoni. We apologise for the inconvenience.
Please feel free to track this issue TBX-5738
We plan to improve this significantly in Toolbox App 2.0.

Please, see the following guide if you are unfamiliar with YouTrack.


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