dotX issues



I had dotUltimate manually installed but Rider and the 4 dotX apps weren't picked up by Toolbox, so I uninstalled them and tried to install them back within Toolbox. Issues are:

  • dotCover is not offered, so I needed to install it back manually.
  • dotTrace, dotPeek and dotMemory have been installed, but are not present in the start menu, should I always use Toolbox to launch them?
  • Rider is the only app installed correctly

Can you help?


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Hi Dario Piantanida. dotCover is only available as part of .NET Tools package, not as a standalone portable executable. To install it, please install ReSharper Tools. 

You could have installed dotPeek Portable, dotMemory Portable and dotTrace Portable as separate tools. However, as Portable, they are not integrated into the start menu. 

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