How to uninstall Toolbox App?

To uninstall Toolbox App on Linux:

  • Uninstall all applications installed in Toolbox App
  • Uncheck 'Run at login' in Toolbox App settings or remove ~/.config/autostart/jetbrains-toolbox.desktop
  • Exit Toolbox App
  • Remove directory ~/.local/share/JetBrains/Toolbox with all its contents
  • Remove file ~/.local/share/applications/jetbrains-toolbox.desktop

On Windows and macOS follow the standard software uninstall procedure.

Note: If you would like to Check for Updates... button in IDE work again perform the following steps:

  • Inside the IDE go to Help-> Edit Custom VM Options.. and delete the following key:

  • After that restart the IDE and try Check for Updates button again.

Thanks, I had a bug with my toolbox and had to reinstall it but I didn't find any tutorial


When I attempt to uninstall from Windows 10 I see an error: Windows cannot find 'C:\Users\-----\AppData\Local\JetBrains\Toolbox\bin\Uninstall.exe'

I had a look and that file is indeed not present.


Same problem as Hugh Stimson.


There exists an Uninstall.exe.nsis file but no Uninstall.exe file.


I have the same issue Hugh and Gregln.


Uninstall.exe file is indeed currently missing. This bug we hope to fix soon.

Sorry for the inconvenience. 


Mac OSX: Deleted Toolbox from /Applications

Now when I try to update IntelliJ IDEA it says: "Unable to check for IntelliJ IDEA updates as they are managed by Toolbox."

So I guess to completelly uninstall Toolbox from OSX you have to execute some more steps.

What are those steps?



Hi Alexandre,

Inside the IDE go to Help-> Edit Custom VM Options.. and delete the following key:

After that restart the IDE itself and try Check for Updates button again.

Please let me know if it helps.


This is ridiculous instructions... the toolbox should just be uninstallable from Program and Features / Add / Remove programs however when you try it just errors out and asks if you want to remove it from the list. That's stupid, and that is after uninstall all the apps installed by it.  Also, you have no way to uninstall your ETW Collector service. Everything has to be manually removed via files system and registry, this is the worse product installer ever, it can install and uninstall all your products except for itself and its logging service. 

I am so glad VS 2017 has all the features I used in R# especially when combined with the free Roslynator 2017 extension. This is the first and last time I will be uninstalling it after almost 8 years and you make it so painful why would someone think of coming back.


I'm running Windows 7 on my work machine and Toolbox doesn't seem to be listed in the Programs and Features segment of Windows, which is the "standard uninstall" mechanism. Should I just delete it off the hard drive?

I'm kind of regretting even using Toolbox. Why did Jetbrains decide to reinvent the download/install/update mechanism?


This isn't all,

Manual uninstall checklist:

1.  Folders (install location in Program Files (x86), JetBrains Toolbox also leaves clutter in the AppData folder in your User Profile.  Find the folders, remove them.

2.  Use the Find Next feature in Regedit to remove key folders containing 'JetBrains' after manually uninstalling.  (Removes it from startup, File type association, and tray)

3.  Remove the Start Menu entries.

4.  Remove the JetBrains Toolbox shortcut from the Startup/Startup Items folder.

5.  Run sfc /scannow to fix up the broken Programs and Features control panel shortcuts and windows component dereferencing to JetBrains.  In some cases I've also had to run dsim /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth to resolve additional registry issues after the manual removal.

6. Run the VS2017 "Repair" feature from the dropdown arrow in the Visual Studio Installer to take care of the cleanup on ReSharper.  It will validate that the plugins no longer exist, and remove them from your configs.

7.  After all these steps, grab a fresh copy of Toolbox and start again.  I had to do this to resolve an AccessViolationException crash that prevented me from updating or running anything lately.


It's now been over 6 months since this issue was reported (missing Uninstall.exe) and it still isn't resolved.

I don't know whether to laugh or shake my head in disappointment.


On Windows 10 Toolbox 1.10 cannot

  • change settings to not "run at login", because "apply changes" in settings dialog is ignoring this.
  • update PhpStorm within the Toolbox, but I have to uninstall PhpStorm manually
  • uninstall Toolbox, because it does not make any sense to PhpStorm-Users

I like PhpStorm, but Toolbox is crappy, sorry to say this.

Regards, Ralf


This is absolutely no cool, that I uninstalled the ToolBox and my WebStorm doesn't get an update automatically since April. Near 5 month without updates.  It's awful software, I'll never try it again.


I'm also in a position where Toolbox is making FAR more work for me than it is supposed to save. I'm on a Windows 10 Pro x64 machine, running the latest versions of everything, and I do admit that the initial upgrades of the three software packages I use (Pycharm, Pycharm Edu, and DataGrip) went smoothly after I installed ToolBox. But now it is trying to update DataGrip to 2018.2.3 and has been for more than 6 hours. I cannot cancel it -- that Cancel button does NOTHING -- I cannot uninstall DataGrip -- it says it is still running. This is a nightmare.

And apparently after I uninstall the Toolbox, I have to reinstall all my software again.

I'm sure there's only a minority of us with problems, but the fact remains that there are some serious bugs in the Toolbox.


Don't be so sure about it being a minority. Probably most people just give up when the program refuses to install.

I am on Windows and decided to take a look to see what ToolBox would do. I got it uninstalled finally.

Removed all Jetbrains software I had installed with ToolBox using ToolBox. Then I uninstalled ToolBox using the Windows Apps & Features (which only seemed to delete the uninstall.exe file and removed ToolBox from being registered as an installed program. Then I had to reboot so I could delete the Jetbrains folders from my AppData. Then I used RegEdit to try to clean up the Jetbrains junk left in the registry. Lost a lot of time on this piece of junk.

This thread was started in January? At the least, Jetbrains should have a obvious warning on the ToolBox download page that the software has a bug and will not uninstall itself.

By the way, in Windows software installed by ToolBox does not show up under Windows Apps & Features and you can only uninstall by going back into the ToolBox software.

Edited by Howard

It's been a month since my last comment on this, and the issue is still not resolved.

In the last month, I've completely migrated away from all JetBrains products, due solely to the level of incompetence displayed in being unable to put together a functional uninstaller.

Shame on you, JetBrains, for letting the quality of your software slip as far as you have over the past few years.


Is it at all illegal to provide paid software that cannot be uninstalled, under the pretense that it can be uninstalled?


Under Windows 10 Toolbox meanwhile allows to change the settings to not "run at login". So I stopped Toolbox from starting automatically und reinstalled PhpStorm from the official Website as stand-alone application outside of Toolbox.

Now Toolbox does not bother me anymore.


Regards, Ralf


It doesn't bother you, but it's still installed on your computer.


i am unable to  uninstall it  on windows  7.  I uninstalled it  and  it still shows  up. 


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